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Nutrition Counseling for Real Change

Making changes to your diet plan can be hard, but not impossible as long as you have guidance from a qualified professional. At JD Nutrition, you will be met with the expertise of a registered dietitian who is dedicated to helping you make positive, meaningful changes to better your life.

Whether you are struggling with managing your weight, have a medical condition like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or just struggle making healthy food choices, Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) with Jackie Durand is a winning solution. Leave with a solid plan of action and ongoing support to reach your health and wellness goals.




What kind of issues can Medical Nutrition Therapy help with?

Weight loss  ~  Weight maintenance   ~  Weight gain

High Blood Pressure  ~  High Cholesterol  ~  Heart disease

Diarrhea  ~  Constipation  ~  IBS

Celiac Disease  ~  Diverticulitis

Arthritis  ~ Joint Pain  ~  Headaches/Migraines

Fatigue  ~  Insomnia 

Diabetes  ~  Hyperglycemia  ~  Thyroid disorders  ~  Hashimoto's

Liver disease  ~  Kidney disease

Vitamin deficiencies  ~  Food allergies and sensitivities

Eczema  ~  Psoriasis  ~  Hives

and much more....


Programs and Offers Happening Now

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Not your momma's meal planning guide

Pick up a digital copy of my 20-page guide of personal meal planning strategies. Healthy meals can be convenient and quick too!

$5.99 + tax










Private Nutrition Counseling

Get back on track with some help from your local dietitian! Create a concrete plan of action to kick off your new lifestyle. Now is the time to start planning!


Full diet assessment: are you getting everything you need?

Individualized recommendations for your goals

30-minute meal planning session based on your individual nutritional needs

One-hour session: FREE**

Consultations can be done in-person or by phone.

**Most insurance programs cover these services 100% making your out-of-pocket cost $0!. Coverage can be verified before appointment!

Appointment cost is $125 per hour should insurance not cover.

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