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Monday April 19th at 7:30pm EST.

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How many times have you gotten excited about a new diet program, only to lose interest in a couple short weeks? Any weight lost in that time quickly returns!

And there's probably a good reason...busy work schedules, family obligations and....all the things....keep health and wellness on the back burner.

Long-term weight loss success can only happen with a solid plan, plenty of support and motivation while new habits are being established.

What if you could learn small, practical ways to improve your health every week without a ton of thought and effort?

Introducing JD Nutrition LLC's 3-month Virtual Intensive Program for weight management!

I created this program to teach the foundational pillars of health and wellness that my most successful clients are using EVERY DAY! These tried-and-true methods offer long-term success without a total upheaval of life.

What’s included in this 12-week intensive course?

  • (2) 60-minute virtual consultations for medical nutrition therapy (MNT).

  • (10) 30-minute virtual consultations for medical nutrition therapy (MNT).

  • Weekly self-study tools (reading material, interactive worksheets, videos) to learn at your leisure.

  • Weekly review of your food logs by a registered dietitian (me!)

  • (1) 7-day full sample meal plan with corresponding recipes.

  • Exclusive access to Facebook group for program participants-daily tips, recipes, motivations and support from me and your peers.

  • Access to your captain RD by email at any point during the program.

Why so intense?

This engaging program will take you from 'I don't know where to start' to "I'm doing what I need to do!" without special meals and shakes, cutting out entire food groups, or spending countless hours in the kitchen (who needs that?).

A small number of members is accepted into each 12-week program to offer intensive therapy and a team experience!


3-month intensive program: $1495

Eligible insurance companies provide a discount of $500-$800, and remainder may be a covered expense for your health spending account.

Monthly installments available, and a 5% discount applies for the program paid in full.

Average cost: $795, or about $350 per month

Consider this an investment in your future!

Studies show that healthy people have significantly lower medical costs into older age than those who are overweight with chronic disease.

Gain confidence in your weight loss plan by enlisting the help of a trained registered dietitian! Trust that I am working diligently with you weekly to ensure that your body is well-nourished, and health conditions are being addressed with a safe, effective and sustainable plan.

What will you learn?

Through weekly info blasts and 1:1 session you will build a base knowledge of these topics AND find practical ways to work them into your life.

  • What is a healthy weight?

  • Basics of Metabolism-understanding how the foods you eat affect fat storing and burning processes.

  • Meal Timing and Optimal Food Pairings-discuss the science behind optimal meal times for boosting metabolic speed.

  • Better sleep, and why it's crucial to weight loss

  • Building discipline and grit for lasting success.

  • Creating an exercise routine. Is simply moving more enough?

  • Setting SMART goals

  • Healthy meal planning

  • Mindful eating-dealing with emotional cravings, eating appropriate portions

This program is designed to give you all the tools you could ever need to be successful in weight loss and building a healthy lifestyle.

Not yet sure this program is right for you? Schedule a 15-minute discovery call with me to talk details!

Registration is currently open for my Spring Blooms group.

Week one begins May 2nd!


Limited spots available (like...less than ten fingers!)

This program is open to Connecticut residents only at this time.