Easy Butternut Squash Prep Tutorial

How to prepare butternut squash without losing your mind...or a finger. This easy roasting tutorial cuts down on the aggravation of prep time.

It was a dark time of NO butternut squash before I figured out this cooking trick. The fruits just weren't worth the labor! If you have struggled to peel and cut this tough squash, you may have almost lost a finger. At least, your blood pressure was probably through the roof!

This easy technique brings prep down to a simple 5 minutes (with 30-40 minute cook time), and reduces the risk of bodily injury! The result is a tender center ready to eat!

butternut squash
Look at it. With it's tough exterior and delicious insides just mocking you!

Butternut squash
Cut the top and bottom off with a sharp, sturdy knife.

Butternut squash
While it's standing up, cut lengthwise down the middle and scoop out the seeds.

butternut squash
Lay both sides face down in a glass dish. Pour about 1/4-inch water in the bottom to steam.

butternut squash
Cover and bake at 400 degrees for 30-40 minutes, or until tender. Stick a fork in the outside, it should go right through.

butternut squash
Once cooked, allow halves to cool before scooping out the tender center!

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