My philosophy is simple.


Food can either create or destroy who we ultimately want to be. Choose food that nourishes your body and thrive in all aspects of your life, or eat poorly and slowly lose energy, health and happiness.

Learning to harness the power of nutritious foods can put you on the path to good health, boundless energy and drive.

My goal as a dietitian is to teach clients about the benefits of different foods, and help them reach their goals by understanding where they are beginning, and where they hope to go.

The best clients are those who come in with an open mind and are willing to put in the effort to make meaningful changes. Success comes to those who work for it, and there is no substitute!

A great practitioner must be patient and understanding, open-minded and willing to change with the needs of their client. Creating a great working relationship is my priority, as getting to know a person is the only real way to find out what methods will work for them.

I look forward to working with you soon!

-Jackie D


Jackie graduated from the University of Connecticut with a bachelors degree in nutritional science in 2010. She worked in the field for several years before completing her 1200-hour practical internship with Wellness Workdays in 2017.