Dreamy Avocado Mousse

Late night sweet cravings can derail even the best diet plans. Choosing foods that are naturally sweet and provide a higher nutritional benefit than sugar-laden processed foods help control cravings while satisfying that sweet tooth.

Among all of the lovely people I counsel, there is one very common thread: craving something sweet after dinner. I hear stories of late-night binges on Oreo cookies, peanut butter crackers, large bags of kettle corn, and much MUCH more. Why can't we control our eating habits after dinner?

The biggest mistake is feeling guilty for having these cravings when it's not our fault. That's right, it is your body's natural circadian rhythm that's to blame.

During the day, we go through hormonal shifts that tell us when to wake, when to sleep, and when to eat. Ages ago, our ancestors would be compelled to eat at night as a survival mechanism.

The only thing we need to survive these days is an all-night Netflix binge, but ancestral habits die hard, and hunger cravings after dark continue to plague us.

I fall victim to these cravings as well, so there is no other choice but to find a healthy, yet crave-worthy snack option to end the night. Enter this Dreamy Avocado Mousse. It's silky chocolate goodness pairs well with cut fruit, a serving of graham crackers, or does just fine all on its own.

Avocado provides mostly healthy unsaturated fats which provide creamy satisfaction for your taste buds while keeping your cholesterol in check. It's fiber fills you without excess calories. Using unsweetened cocoa powder with agave nectar as a sweetener cuts back on processed sugars that spike insulin levels. Agave is absorbed at a naturally slower pace, giving you the sweetness while taking it easy on your blood sugar levels (still eat it in moderation!).

Here's the recipe...

Dreamy Avocado Mousse

Makes 4 servings Prep time: 5 minutes Time to enjoyment: 5 minutes


1 ripe avocado

1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

2 tbsp agave nectar

2 tbsp lowfat milk (more to adjust thickness)

1 tsp vanilla extract


Remove avocado meat from rind.

Remove seed.

Combine all ingredients in a food processor. Blend until smooth. Using 2 tablespoons of milk will result in a thick mousse. Add in more milk to desired consistency. I like it thick!

Serve immediately with the fruit of your choice. While fat in our avocado is healthy, it is not calorie-free. Serve about 1/4 of this recipe as a reasonable serving!

Refrigerate leftovers and eat within 2-3 days. Also makes an easy guilt-free snack mid-day. Grab a spoonful and go!

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